If you have any pictures you would like to see published here
from the 2004 picnic, please forward them to me!
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Flo Klinger, Bea Dudzik
& Bob Wilke
The Marquart Family,
Bea Dudzik & Flo Klinger
Bob Wilke & his
girlfriend Julie Vick
Bob & Agnes Wilke
Dan & Chris Reese
The Van Vranken Family
Faith Vaught, Agnes Wilke,
Vicki Lucey, Donna Karl &
Betty Bossle
Julie Vick, Mike Vick &
Mike Wilke
The Beelen & Allie Family
The Allie Family
Al & Claire Singer
Donna Karl &
Cheyenne Marquardt
Agnes Wilke & Mary Beelen
Jordan Van Vranken,
Justin Van Vranken,
Emily Karl, Megan
Reese, Melissa Reese
& Erin Karl
Rita Van Vranken,
Mary Beelen &
Donna Karl
Bonnie & Jeff
Burke with Alexa
Erin Karl & Bob Wilke
Flo Klinger, Don Wilke
& Agnes Wilke
The Bob & Agnes Wilke
Family - 2005 Edition
The Egg Toss
The Egg Toss
Krissy Stewart
Mike Allie, Rick Crago
& Trevor Crago
The Allie Family
Don Wilke's Friends &
Kevin Stewart
Bob Wiltfong
Bobby Beelen, Brett
Beelen & Tracy Allie
The Alek, Bilbrey &
Bunch Families
The Egg Toss
Greg Stewart, Jen Allie
& Tracy Allie
Julia Kaufman, Fran
Budnik, Stan Krzeminski
& Rachel Kaufman
Faith Vaught &
Betty Bossle
Joann Stewart
The Burke &
Marquart Family
Elyse Ericksen &
Krissy Stewart
Bob, Bobby &
Brett Beelen
Cindy Kozlowski
& Julie Allie
Karen Kishner
& friend
Greg Stewart
Do you need
a time out?
The Fort Area
The Burke &
Marquart Family
Stan Krzeminski,
Mark & Karen Kishner
Megan Reese, Emily Karl,
Donna Karl, Melissa Reese
& Erin Karl
The Picnic Limo
Don Wilke
Betty Bossle, Ed Crestoni,
Mary Crestoni & Agnes Wilke
Mark Kishner &
Stan Krzeminski
Dolores & Sharon
July 31, 2004
Don Wilke's "Friends & Family" Picnic